Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crafting day with Min Lilla Bod

Last Saturday was the crafting day with Min Lilla Bod. Karin showed how to do star album. Petra gave us the monthly kit :) I made a card, but it was a lot of fun things in the kit so it will probably be more things done.

Annelie in action!

Vickan wonders what the next step is.

Petra in action!

My friend Christina had booked a cardcourse on Sunday. In this course they made three different cards, learned to stamp and made their own backgrounds. I hope they had as much fun as I had and that I could teach them something :) Maybe you want a card- or LO-course with your friends? Get in touch with me or Min Lilla Bod,

The lovely girl has been at a birthday party and gave this card to the birthday child. I made the card on Wednesday at Min Lilla Bod meeting


  1. Hi hi, jag fastnade ju på bild.
    Längtar redan till nästa träff!!!

  2. Självklart fastar du på bild - modell om du är ;) Det säger bara svich så är det dags för nästa träff :)

  3. Så trevligt ni ser ut att ha det!
    Fina kort!
    Gillar Linnea-kortet lite extra. Fina färger och Alfabetet är snyggt :)

  4. Tack! Linneas mamma gillade kortet så det var roligt, tror att Linnea gillade presenten mer :)
    Det var en trevlig pysseldag vi hade :)