Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some cards

In late August, I & the lovely boy was at Cecilia&Andreas wedding. Cecilia was really beautiful and it was so fun to take part on their big day. I made this card to them and a key ring - the heart that hangs down from the ribbon.

Invitation to Gustaf's christening. We had the christening in Uddeholm chapel. Thanks to everyone who made ​​the day so beautiful!


My friends Elisabeth&Peter had a son late September. His name is Lucas and this is the card I made for him

Some Christmas cards, box and tags, these have I done for Min Lilla Bods crafting day. The crafting days is on Sunday 13 November at Listlena bygdegård.

The lovely boy...

...was born on June 21 and his name is Gustaf. Today, he is 4 months old and is on the baby gym. Talking a lot and trying to get somewhere.

Just a few hours old.

The lovely girl meets her little brother for the first time.

All the lovely children when we visited grandmother and grandfather in August.

The lovely girl is telling the lovely boy something funny.

I´m a little charmer :)

The whole family has fun together!

Have not blogged in a long time. Sometimes it has not been enough time and sometimes I have simply not had the desire to blog. Hope it'll be a little more blogging now ...

Take care!