Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer 2010...

...was a good summer :) and here is some pics.

The lovely girl and (the leg belongs to) uncle Björn. He visited us in the beginning of the summer. The two lovely kids and he(?) had a nice time :)

My dad turned 65 year in July :)

I´m a star ;) Emilia&Chris had a sing star party. Fun fun fun!!!

The lovely girl and my grandmother.

The lovely girl eating strawberry and wild strawberry that grandmom picked for her.

When we were out walking we found a litre of wild strawberry and some chanterelle.

The lovely girl and I in the summer cottage.

Granddad and the lovely girl is eating strawberry and whip cream, yummy :)

The lovely girl and my grandmother.

The two lovely kids is having fun in the bathe :)

The lovely boy :D

The lovely girl at grandmom and granddad place.

My new runningshoes :)

Hope that you had a good summer too!