Sunday, October 24, 2010

Uppsala scrap and craft fair

Sitting with the lovely girl on the couch and cuddle. The lovely girl has been playing with Grandma & Grandpa all weekend.

I've been at Uppsala scrap and craft fair - great fun! Min Lilla Bod introduced its new concept - a club for creative people. Curious? All information available on

Friday, October 15, 2010

Crafts packet from Min Lilla Bod!

Yesterday I visited Petra :) and got back with me a great crafting packages :) For example, lots of fine papers, two ribbons, a stamp, 3D pillows.

Petra had baked a yummy chocolate cake, in which she'd had mint chocolate. She had also put mint chocolate candies in the crafting package so I have when I am creative :)

Things I've done for Min Lilla Bod - two bookmarks, gift box, two autumn
cards, a Halloween card and a Halloween gift box.

Things are happening at Min Lilla Bod :) For more information visit

B-day party

The lovely girl is now one year :) She had a party for his friends a few days before the birthday. Thanks for the nice gifts and that you came and made her day so good!

Birthday cake No. 1

Do I get any cake?

The presents were fun, but strings was the most fun :D

The day before her birthday came Aunt Mari, cousins and Helmy. More cake and gifts for the lovely girl :) Thank you!

Birthday cake No. 2.

Look at me - I'm eating all by myself!

Must taste the presents, they can be good eating.

On her birthday, she was at the playground, open preschools and baby swim. She fell asleep as we drove home from the bath.

The invitations cards to the party :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

SATC-weekend with the girls

The girls and I had a great weekend when we met. Lisa and I had decided that we would have SATC-weekend this time. We had told some of the plans for Åsa and Elin, but not all. When the girls arrived at the train station, it was two Chauffeurs who were waiting for them. Guess if they were surprised! :)

Lisa and I met the night before and ordered it last. We baked cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles.

We also baked a New York cheesecake, which we ate for dessert. For dinner we ate Waldorf salad and chicken.

What would a SATC-weekend be without Cosmopolitan?

On Sunday morning we made a really yummy brunch before it was time for shopping :)

Thanks girls for a great weekend!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Odds and ends

The lovely new girls pantyhose with the cute owl on
The lovely girl has learned to climb on the beds that are in the guest room. Once up, she found a yummy frog

Brother and Sister have fun together!

The little lovely boy wanted to walk out of acorns. He picked a bucket full of acorns:) The lovely girl doing a lot of things at once - eating and taking off her cap :)

The lovely girl and I was celebrating my grandmother on her birthday. She turned 93 years :)